WordCamp Philly 2011

A few weeks ago, I attended WordCamp Philly, a WordPress event geared towards bloggers who use WordPress. It was a great event, they had a few different student tracts; user, power user, developer and designer. Since I’ve had a blog for a little while, I was intrigued on going to learn if I was “doing it right” and what else I could learn. Well, I learned a bunch, all the speakers were great, and I was glad that I went. I jumped back and forth between user and power user, depending on the topic.

The one seminar that I learned a great deal from was, “Stop Worrying, Start Publishing.” I’ve had a blog for a little while now, but I don’t post that much. You see, right out of college, I was a writer and editor for a monthly magazine. Before publishing something, we made sure everything was perfect. Everything. Had. To. Be. Perfect. It was drilled into me. So, it’s not that I’m afraid to put my thoughts, ideas, writings out there, I’m just used to it being 100% polished. I have many different posts that I’ve written, but don’t publish, because it’s not polished. But this class was great in helping me get over that. It doesn’t have to be 100% polished. I don’t have to write, edit and re-edit until I’m blue in the face and feel that it’s perfect. Honestly, who’s reading this stuff anyway. That’s an inside joke I have with myself now, not many people are reading this, so who really cares if it’s crap writing. I promise to try and not put out crap writing, but I’m sure sometimes it will make it’s way out there.
Anyway, I suggest if you are serious about WordPress, or getting into it, check out a WordCamp in your area. You’ll meet a great group of people, learn something, and get some stickers and a tee-shirt, and honestly, who doesn’t like that?

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