About Me

Nicholas DeVito has been interested in news since he was a small child living in the suburbs of New Jersey. His quest for knowledge led him to get a degree in American Studies from Rider University. He was the first class to enter the school as a university (his father still calls it Rider College). From there he went on to be an editor at Home Office Computing Magazine, writing different monthly columns about how to run a successful business out of your home.  Nicholas then went to work for Field Force Automation, writing about news and products on how to operate a business with a field force, which sounds more exciting than it really is.  In addition, Nicholas was freelance writing for Black Enterprise.

After his successful stint in the magazine world, Nicholas went back to school so he could teach the youth of America. After a few years teaching, his love of publishing called him back, and he is happy to be writing and editing again.

Nicholas lives in New Jersey and enjoys golfing, running, and being on the beach in Aruba with his beautiful wife Katie.

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